The DC405 is a information security/technology user group located in Oklahoma City, OK. Organized in October 2007, DC405 group was created under the DEFCON groups banner to provide our members an opportunity to discuss interests and share technical presentations. Our members are active in the IT, InfoSec, and technology industries.
DC405 meets on the third Friday each month from 7-10pm at the 404 (on Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City). Our meetings are open to the public and welcome new members.
Meeting Location:
The 404
704 W. Sheridan Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
For directions and more information visit the 404 Website
What is DEFCON?
The Defcon conference is the worlds largest hacker conference with over 8,500 people in attendence in 2008. Held annually in Las Vegas, NV since 1993, DEFCON brings together computer security professionals, government employees, and hackers to share security, computer, and technology interests.
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